Fire / Rescue Apparatus

Prepared for Anything


Engine 1

Class A Full Size Engine

Traditional Class A full size engine equipped with all essential tools for fire extinguishment, ventilation, salvage & overhaul, etc.


Engine 2

Class A "Mini" CAFS Engine

"Mini" Pumper designed specifically for our area. This Pick Up Truck chassis is outfitted with a Class A pump which is just as capable as a full size engine. Outfitted with a CAFS (Compressed Air Foam System) this unit is capable of performing fire extinguishment more efficiently than just using water alone. Vehicles compact size and 4X4 capability makes it an essential tool for accessing houses with narrow driveways as well as off-road access for fire extinguishment or rescue services that can not be performed by a full size engine.



"Heavy" Rescue Truck

Rescue unit extremely well equipped with a wide variety of tools to handle: vehicle crashes, haz-mat, rope rescue, trench rescue, physical rescue, machinery rescue, etc.



Squad Utility Truck

Pick Up Truck outfitted with a utility style bed that carries additional personnel and tools. Vehicle is used for a wide range of situations from pumping details to minor vehicle crash containment.



6X6 Off-Road Utility Vehicle

This unique piece of equipment give emergency personnel the ability to access tough off-road terrain to help extinguish fire or perform patient rescue. It is equipped with a patient transport insert and carries a small amount of patient rope rescue equipment.


Fire Police 

Traffic Control Units

2 Pick Up Trucks outfitted with all necessary tools to perform adequate traffic & pedestrian control of emergency scenes.